In order to make the enterprise standardized operation, improve the company's capital structure, and broaden the financing channels for enterprises to enhance their visibility, the company and the first venture securities Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing city in the Qin law firm, Zhongshen yataipublic Accountants (special general partnership), was completed in April 2015 in the National SME share transfer system of limited liability company listed! The product is the carrier of market demand, the company's core competitiveness, is to generate profits, the company decided to establish a production base in accordance with the EU GMP standard. Increase investment in scientific research, mainly innovative drugs. The company will vigorously develop the production of oral preparations, herbal pieces, raw materials and so on. The new plant covers a total area of 240 mu, and plans to build eight new production workshops, one integrated office building, one research and development laboratory, two dormitory buildings, four warehouses, and auxiliary building, such as boiler room. The total construction area of 98433.5 square meters. Planned capacity: an annual output of 300 tons of raw materials, 3 billion tablets, 100 million oral liquid, 3 million ointment, 165 tons of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. After the product reaches the age, it can realize the annual output value, output value 1 billion, profits and taxes 150 million yuan. "When the people of Henan, the authentic Yu Quanyu pharmaceutical medicine"! Under the leadership of chairman Wang Feng, will follow the "quality first, customer first, reputation first" business purposes, adhering to the "steady, rational, enterprising, win-win business philosophy, and strive to build the Henan Xinyu pharmaceutical brand new! To be a responsible enterprise, responsible for the enterprise, responsible for the employees and responsible for the society!" Social commitment!