Warmly celebrate: Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd listed on new third board stock market.

On 14th Apr, 2015, Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was successfully listed on the new third board in Beijing. The stock code is 832205.It is the first enterprise in Nanyang which listed on new third board.

Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is located in Neixiang industrial cluster, which is a high and new tech enterprise, whose products including formulations, oral liquids, oral solutions, ointments, APIs and so on.

Henan Quanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the only enterprise in China which produces API zinc sulfadiazine, and it is one of the three enterprises in China which produce zinc sulfadiazine ointments, and it is the largest manufacturer in China which produces biochemistry drug mannatide.

The factory which covers 160,000 m2, with the total investment of 420 million yuan, is under construction, and scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. After then, the company can realize the output value 1 billion yuan, and profits tax 150million yuan.

The brand promotion and customer thanks meeting will be held in Nanyang Jianye Forst Peninsula Hotel on 25th May,2015. The Chairman Mr Wang Feng sincerely invites friends from all walks and life to come to the meeting.


National service hotline: 4007178877

Basic drug division

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New and special drugs division

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Fax: 0377-60667618

Factory in Neixiang county

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Add: No.285, Longyuan Road, Neixiang Industrial Park